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Our services help ensure that your property will retain its value and maintain a clean image for your clients and staff. We know that maintenance commonly takes place out of site and out of mind, usually in the late night hours or while most people are not paying attention.
However, proper facility maintenance is one of the most vital aspects of management standards and affects the safety of staff & patrons, the image of your establishment & its related businesses, and ultimately your bottom line.

See how Power CMS can help make your facility stand out. We will ensure that your property will withstand the tests of time in every way and keep a happy client base rolling in to support the goods and services that they love and you provide. We look forward to serving your needs.

Core Services

Power Sweeping

Power sweeping will help keep your facility free of dirt and debris and the property environment pleasant. Regular sweeps can help keep your on going maintenance costs down by reducing the scope and necessity of larger, deep cleaning services. After a storm or a change in seasons foot traffic and vehicles track dirt and debris all over your property that can build up over time and diminish the look and feel of it. Regular sweeping service will serve to ensure that your facility retains the look and image your clients look for. 

Asphalt, Concrete & Striping

We offer expert services that will revive your facility. We offer asphalt and concrete services in all capacities. WHether you have a new development that need roads or you just need to improve the condition of your current surfaces, we are the ones to get the job done. Our paint striping services will esure that you make the most of your facility logistically. Parking reveue can be a big profit center and the allocation of spaces affects profit maximization. Let us help you to make sure you are getting the most out of your facility.

Power Washing

All facilities are exposed to water, wind, and people. Over time dirt builds up in addition to mold and other hard to remove elements. A strong power wash will restore your facility and remove the tough to clean elements that make maintaining your facility more difficult. We suggest that every facility pressure wash at least annually and twice for high volume and desity properties. We are sensitive to your needs and offer a variety of ways to power wash including conventional, steam, and water saving power washing. From shopping centers and hospitals to hotel balconies, this service is a must. 



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General Services

Every facility manager is faced with maintenance tasks that they don't want to deal with but cannot avoid. For this reason we provide general services for managers and owners that will reduce risk and facilitate the upkeep of your property. Don't ask your employee to get up on a ladder and risk injury or worse just to get a simple job done. We are happy to take care of your maintenance needs quickly, efficiently and with no risk to your business. The following are some of the services we can provide for your facility:

Porter/Interior Cleaning Service

Light Bulb Inspection and Replacement

Non-Electrical Sign Installation

Trash Removal

Logistical Consulting

much more...

Give us a call if you have a unique job. We'll be happy to take on the challenge.


We specialize in commercial facilities as well as high density residential buildings. Every facility requires special knowledge and care in order to be properly maintained. Only Power CMS, brings a broad spectrum of knowledge across an array of property types and can offer that level of specialization. You can trust that we will know how to handle your most complex maintenance needs regardless of facility size and volume. 

The following are some of the property types we specialize in:

Parking Garages

Parking Lots


Shopping Centers



Government Buildings

Gas Stations


High Density Residential

New Construction

and more...

Service Types

We offer both one time and reucurring service to meet your needs

One Time Service

For clients who have low volume facilities, we offer one time service to make sure you keep your facility clean without breaking the bank.

Recurring Service

For Clients who have high volume facilities of a need to maintain an immaculately clean facility all the time, we offer recurring sercive custom taylored to your needs on a monthly or weekly basis. Recurring service can bring down costs on a per job basis and will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that maintenance is taken care of.  

Parking Striping, Paint Striping in Miami, FL


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