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Power CMS is your only choice for trusted maintenance. The company was founded by three property management professionals with a wide scope of experience managing and maintaining facilities ranging from small parking lots, garages, and shopping centers, to stadiums, universities and other large facilities, in multiple cities throughout the US.

Power CMS was started with the intention of providing top-notch, customized, commercial maintenance services to all while paying special attention to the unique maintenance challenges of each operator and facility. At the core of our business is light and deep cleaning services for commercial properties and parking facilities, along with parking space striping and facility restoration.

In addition, the scope of our experience qualifies us to customize service to your needs. If you have a unique project to be completed in your commercial facility, we will get the job done. From light bulb inspection and replacement, to sign installation, and everything in between, we're the right choice for you.



Local involvement in our industry is very important to the core of our business and our recognition. Power CMS is involved to make sure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies and maintenance standards, as well as the evolving wants of our client base. The following organizations, of which we are members, help us to stay in tune with grassroots of our industry:


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